Who will win Inbound Super Bowl tonight?

By Jonas Ydkvist

Tonight it’s time for Super Bowl 50 at the Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco. Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are fighting for the title. At the same time the advertising world gathers to announce another winner: Who will be the one making the strongest short- and long term impression? If you want to follow the game from another perspective, here's how we suggest you yourself can announce the winner of Super Bowl – from a communication perspective.  

Who will be the winner of communication tonight?

In October 2015, my colleague Yeu-Kang Hua wrote an appreciated blog post on "How to use ads to supercharge your Inbound Marketing". Most companies strive for a marketing mix, with an ideal combination of “owned, earned and bought” media.

A marketer’s goal today is to engage, inspire and lead its target audience to relevant content and/or actions. As part of your online strategy, bought space can be an efficient and sometimes necessary way to achieve the level of reach you strive for. When you use advertising to spread and enhance the communication you provide in your owned space, you’re on to something good.

Simply interrupting and shouting out your message isn’t good enough these days. 

Is it worth advertising during Super Bowl? In 2014, the average audience was 112.2 million viewers, which generated $331.8 million in advertising spending, according to Forbes. That means $3 per viewer. For each advertiser, the saying goes that 30 seconds of airtime will cost you some 4.5 million USD.

Advertisers can expect that during Super Bowl, more than 60% of the broadcast viewers will have a mobile device handy at the same time. So everything is set for them to provide CTA:s and thereby be able to capitalize on the bought reach.

If you sit down and watch the Super Bowl tonight, and if you want to be the one that announce the winner yourself – do a little exercise:

“Which advertiser made their Super Bowl commercial a part of their Inbound Strategy?” Which one provided the best CTA:s? In the form of an URL, hashtag, phone number, mobile app, SoMe-icon, e-mail, etc.?

We look forward to your announcement in the comment field, or simply: 

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