Why charities need to increase conversion, part 2

By Mark Hooley

Why charities need to increase conversion, part 2

This article is the second of two on the topic ‘Why charities need to increase conversion’. It will guide you through the benefits of increasing conversion, barriers preventing conversion, and how charities can increase conversion.

Benefits to charities of increasing conversion

Increasing conversion allows you to build your charity’s donor and supporter base and increase quality engagement with these and other stakeholders. Planned exceptionally well, you will be taking your supporters on a more structured journey and building a donor and supporter base that is increasingly engaged. Ultimately, this work should also grow your number of brand advocates. 

All this will help you to:

  • Fulfil your organisation’s goals with very specific and measurable activity.
  • Increase your revenue. 
  • Allow you to complete more projects and get closer to your charity’s goal.

Developing a holistic culture of conversion allows you to create synergies that will enable you to get the very best results for your organisation.

I think it’s imperative to make sure your activity is targeted and results-driven. To ensure the conversion activity links to organisational goals, you need to have the right metrics in place. This inextricably links increasing conversion to the success of your organisation.

Barriers preventing conversion

You need to identify the internal barriers to increasing conversion and work out a plan on how to overcome them. Working with different teams or departments can be a good way of ensuring there is buy-in across the organisation. 

In the past, how have you demonstrated the positive impact of increasing conversion? 

If you need to speak to conversion experts, talk to an agency, who have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to help your organisation make the most of conversion opportunities.

Does your organisation have a digital strategy? 

The Charity Digital Skills Report 2019 said over half of charities in the UK had no digital strategy. Despite this being a highly competitive sector in the UK, with over 165,000 registered charities. The report also showed the pace of digital change had slowed in the charity sector in the last three years. In 2019 52% of charities said they had no digital strategy, compared to 50% in 2017 and 45% in 2018.

This suggests there is still a lot of movement that needs to be made if charities are not to be left behind. After all, charities are competing with businesses for people’s money.

I believe those organisations who make the most from conversion now, will not only benefit the most, but will also be the ones who are building the foundations to ensure they have the skills and capabilities for the future too.

Thanks for reading my article. To help you increase conversions, I have also put together a guide for you on how your charity can increase conversions. Included in my guide is:

        • Metrics
        • Brand
        • Website
        • Digital storytelling
        • Blogs / Vlogs / Podcasts
        • Social media
        • Emails
        • Consistency and much more

Discover how you can increase conversions.

Download the charity conversion guide

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