You are Googled! Suggestions to increase online visibility.  

By Anders Björklund

You are Googled! Suggestions to increase online visibility.

How often do you google your name? If it was a while ago, go straight to Google and make a search of your name. Write your name and check the first page. If you are very ambitious you can check through different devices and also check Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing.

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Your online reputation is something you shall be aware of and prioritise. If you google someone or something, you can be sure that they are doing the same.

There is a lot of information on Google about everyone that is active online, which makes it a perfect place for a background check. Basically most information is there, and you shall look upon this fact as a great opportunity. A true and positive impression is extremely good for you in both your work role and as an individual.

When you google yourself, keep in mind that Google shows everyone personalised search results.

In case your Google results of your name are ok, and you want to increase your visibility online, you should start working on it. Here you have a general list with suggestions of what you can do to become more visible:

  • Make sure that you have a complete and active profile on LinkedIn. And if your interest is in multiple markets you should have an active profile on e.g. Viadeo, Xing or Golden Line. Always use your real name in offsite communities and social media.
  • Start blogging and also publish your posts on Pulse. Decide how you want to be perceived and what your focus shall be over time. We will get back with tips on how you can get started with blogging. If you already blog and want to explore this topic further? Read about "How you can get more blog subscribers".
  • Create accounts and be active on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Publish posts about interesting content you find online related to your profession and company, make sure to include links to your blog posts, your company blog and other relevant content.
  • Comment on content that is related to your decided interests.
  • Delete all obsolete online accounts.
  • If you want to prioritise it, you can create a Google+ account. We will see what will happen with Google+, but for the time beeing it's worth being present due to that it is Google's platform for relations.

The reason for writing this post is that lots of our friends ask about this frequently. I just wanted to write a quick post about it and hope that you keep asking us and let us know if you want less basic advice.

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