Save the date: Inbound Marketing Day 2015

By Anders Björklund

Save the date: Inbound Marketing Day 2015

It's time to save the date for Inbound Marketing Day 2015.

Inbound Marketing Day – How to get going!

Zooma will host the second annual Inbound Marketing Day in Gothenburg on November 12th. The event was a huge success last year so we have decided to do a full day seminar this year. The event is for sales, marketing and communications professionals and it focuses on sharing insights into effective marketing that delivers real results and generates a steady stream of business leads. 

You probably know that people have changed their habits and behaviour and are increasingly relying on online sources as a primary way to get informed, research, prepare for purchase and to make purchases. As a result many companies find that their traditional sales, marketing and communication tactics are quickly becoming less effective.

Put simply, companies need to put more effort on Inbound Marketing and less on traditional Outbound Marketing.The Inbound Marketing day is hosted by Zooma and will help brands and companies make the needed transition to evolve their way of working. 

At this full day event you will learn how to get started with Inbound Marketing and how you can generate a steady stream of leads for your business. You will learn about real results from Inbound Marketing directly from global and international companies such as HubSpot, Ericsson and more. We announce the venue and the speakers from now on and forward. 

What you’ll get from the event:

  • Insights into what Inbound Marketing is and how to get going
  • Learnings and results from companies that have implemented Inbound Marketing
  • Networking with speakers, Zoomers and attendees
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Access to the speaker presentations and other documentation post the event
  • And goodie bag

If you are curious about the dialogue during the event, you will find all the tweets from Inbound Day 2015 in this stream.

Would you rather find out more about the inbound marketing methodology  and how it fits together with your business?

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