A database you can work with

Clean up your CRM system

Free your CRM from irrelevant data and start using it to its full potential - as the driver of your marketing, service and sales.

Get in touch

Book a meeting with Tobias to discuss the current state of your database and your ambitions for the future. We'll then take a look at your portal, give you a quote, and get started on the cleaning.

A single source of truth

Your CRM has the power to drive your business forward - but only if you can rely on the information it contains. With a cleaned-up, trustworthy contact database, you can get insights from your existing and future customers and reach them more effectively than before.

The HubSpot database clean-up package


We'll create HubSpot lists showing:

  • Contacts with non-existent email addresses (hard bounce)
  • Contacts who have unsubscribed from communications
  • Potential duplicate contacts
  • Contacts with selected email aliases (like info@, sales@)
  • Contacts with low engagement

We'll then guide you on how to deal with these contacts and delete the ones you don't need.


  • 2-5 business days, regardless of the number of contacts you have in your HubSpot CRM.


  • From SEK 20 000, per HubSpot portal or database.