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Get an overview of your performance

Start with HubSpot dashboards

Gather your KPIs on a set of shared dashboards and start getting the insights you need to improve performance.

The figures you need, in one place

HubSpot provides a lot of insights into your marketing, sales and service performance, but the figures can be hard to find. By creating dashboards, we'll provide clarity and transparency - and give you the knowledge you need to start optimising.

The dashboard package


  • A KPI assessment, to establish what indicators are most relevant
  • A recommendation of the dashboards you need to track them
  • Setup and implementation of the dashboards in your HubSpot portal, training and handover


  • 1-3 business days, depending on the number of dashboards needed and the number of HubSpot hubs you have deployed


  • From SEK 20 000
  • The final price can vary depending on the number of dashboards you need

Get in touch

Book a meeting with Tobias Pasma to discuss your current situation, KPIs, and your business needs. We can give you a quote and start the dashboard implementation.