Transforming Interwheel's business and brand

Interwheel partnered with Zooma to streamline its business and merge four brands into one.

Landvetter, Sweden

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About Interwheel

Interwheel is a top supplier of tires and wheels to dealers across Sweden and has been a valued Zooma customer since 2021.

Located in Landvetter, just outside of Gothenburg, Interwheel's mission is to become the leading player in their industry by providing an extensive range of products, exceptional quality, and seamless logistics and distribution, all driven by a knowledgeable and motivated team.


The challenge

When Interwheel first approached us, it needed a total digital transformation.

To meet the needs of its target groups and existing customer base, the company needed a new online presence to showcase its knowledge of tyres and wheels.

A modern approach to sales and service that would drive the business generated online needed to be implemented with a major rebranding that would unite the company’s four subsidiaries and brands under one banner. We needed to combine all our talents to make it happen.


The approach

To keep everyone on the same page during this expansive project, we established a small team at Zooma that focused their design, content and development work around Interwheel's new brand and business foundation document.

Through daily meetings and check-ins, everything was produced iteratively and in close collaboration with Interwheel.


The solution

To handle this large-scale project effectively, we split it into three stages. First, Interwheel’s outdated WordPress site was replaced with a new online presence built entirely in HubSpot’s CMS and Marketing Hubs. In the second stage,

Interwheel’s customer-facing teams shifted to a new way of working with the help of a Sales and Service Hub implementation and an extensive training and coaching programme created by Zooma.

Finally, the new Interwheel brand was created, with our art directors and strategists creating a new brand profile, strategy and concept that stuck out from Interwheel’s competition.


The result

Despite the size and complexity of this project, which involved over 100 people from Interwheel and Zooma, the final delivery in stage three was made around five months after the start of the project.

A year after the end of the project, Interwheel was satisfied with the results—KPIs were met, user NPS results went from negative to positive with a total increase of over 60 points, and the overall level of digital maturity in the organisation has increased dramatically. And the NPS is still growing.


Quotes from this project


Sanna Hedberg

Art director, Zooma

"It’s not very often you get to create a whole new brand from scratch, so the Interwheel project was really exciting. In the end, I think our mutual team created a brand that is clean, professional and totally different from Interwheel’s competitors. I’m really happy that it’s been received so well by Interwheel’s team, owners and customers."


Alireza Abbasi

Marketer, Interwheel

"One of the main reasons for this successful implementation is Zooma. Because Zooma can understand the business needs and has a structured way of working. Also, the team members are up-to-date, outside-the-box thinkers, and supportive."


Stellan Björnesjö

Strategist, Zooma

"This was a project with a lot of moving parts, and we had to bring together all our teams to execute it properly – from design and content to web development and strategy. Looking back, I think it’s clear we managed to make use of our full capacity and produce something that Interwheel can be proud of."


Karl Helmer

Sales and marketing director, Interwheel

"The process of planning the full project, from system to people, was very clear and systematic, which gave us full confidence going into the implementation phase. The project in full has been very successful, but the onboarding of our teams was outstanding, structured, logical, involving (for all levels of experience) and fun."

Interwheel's visual toolbox

Do you want to start your own transformation?

If Interwheel's journey looks like something your company wants to achieve, book a meeting with CEO Anders Björklund to discuss this project in more detail and how we could help you make the same transformation.


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Listen and find out how HubSpot has changed how they work with customers, and get some of their tips for other companies facing a similar transformation.

What we implemented

In a project of this size, many services and implementations come together to make the desired change happen. Here are some of the most important ones that Interwheel benefited from.

Creating a new identity and a fresh start for Interwheel.

Our branding services

Creating content such as knowledge articles, content offers, videos, SoMe content, and more.

Our content creation services

To get sales reps, service staff and marketers on board.

Our education and training services

CMS, email and social tools for external communication.

More about Marketing Hub

For a smart, modern CRM that gives reps and management the data they need.

More about Marketing Hub

Customer service tools for a seamless customer experience.

More about Marketing Hub

A shiny new website that creates a great first impression.

Explore this solution

A path forward for the company and the brand.

Our strategy services

Effective visuals to reinforce the message.

Our image production services