Gina and Sofia's summary of their internship

By Sofia Hermansson

Gina and Sofia's summary of their internship

14 weeks have passed since we started our internship here at Zooma, and we have had so much fun and have learned a lot. As this is our last week as interns, we sum up our time with a video including a few points.


We started at Zooma on the 10th of January, and our last day as interns is now on the 14th of April. Time has passed quickly, and we have learned an incredible amount.

We want to thank Zooma for giving us the chance to practice with you. Everyone has been so helpful and welcomed us with open arms.

We have now made our last video summarising our time here at Zooma.

What did we do during our time at Zooma?

First of all, we have had our weekly tasks every week:

    • Daily nurturing
    • SEO alert
    • Hubspot certifications
    • The Internship hub

Beyond that - we worked on our projects:

  • Five projects about customer satisfaction or the purpose of attracting visitors to the website to collect new data.

And of course:

  • We were involved with and worked with one customer project each - to experience how it is to work with a customer at Zooma.

What were our top three?

  • Running The Internship Hub 
  • All Projects
  • HubSpot knowledge

But it’s not a goodbye for now just because our internship is over - we are going to write our master thesis here at Zooma, so we will still stick around for a few weeks.

We hope you all like this video and that you have a lovely week!

Thank you, Zooma!

/ Gina and Sofia

Sofia Hermansson
Former Zooma intern and Marketing Automation Specialist 2022-2023
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