The golden mine!

Blog title: The golden mine!

By Sofia Hermansson

The golden mine!

In our second week at Zooma, we had a meeting about our tasks and projects. After the meeting, we were both speechless. Luckily in a good way.

Our first tasks and projects

For two hours, we were presented with an extensive and lovely sandwich table (smörgåsbord in Swedish) of many different projects and tasks to choose between. We have the opportunity to select which work/projects we want to drive forwards during our internship. (“It’s like a gold mine”, a quote from Anders, our mentor).

We were told to hand-pick the projects we wanted and lead ourselves. So, we are going to be the project managers for our internship!

The importance of making a project brief

After the meeting, our task was to write a project brief, which means that we will present the projects and tasks we were briefed on.

The point with a project brief is to make sure that we understand the tasks right and a way for us to explain how we are going to lead the projects. In addition, it helps us to avoid misunderstandings about the projects between our mentor and us.

If you want to know more about the importance of a project brief, we recommend this article: How a project brief lays the foundation for a successful project.

In the presentation, we will explain:

  • What our main tasks in each project are
  • How many hours we will need 
  • During what period do we aim to work on the projects
  • What we need: tools, resources, meetings, etc
  • If we have any further questions

To do this brief is a project for itself, which is a great responsibility that provides excellent knowledge for future projects.

We can reveal that one of the projects we have chosen will be responsible for a big campaign that includes everything from social media, content and analysis. So that is something we are looking forward to!

For more information on what we are doing is regularly coming during the whole spring, keep an eye on the hub and remember to subscribe if you have not already done so!

The highlight of the week: 

The highlight of this week is absolute “the golden mine” and to realise how much responsibility we will have for our internship!

We wish you all a great week!
Sofia and Gina

Sofia Hermansson
Former Zooma intern and Marketing Automation Specialist 2022-2023
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