My graduation internship at Zooma

By Jorik Boot

My graduation internship at Zooma

For the past 20 weeks, I have done a graduation internship at Zooma. Below you'll find what I have done, how it was and if I would recommend it to any other students!

Back in February, I started my graduation internship here at Zooma. After the warmest welcome that I have ever received, I got off to a flying start.

Internship at Zooma

The internship here at Zooma was different compared to any other internship I have heard about. Anders threw me in the deep and the first five weeks consisted of a flurry of meetings. I was invited to all meetings that could be done in English, to learn as much and as quickly about Zooma as possible. Besides the initial information overload, the goal was then to write a report about everything that I thought was odd, unexpected or where I had thoughts that something could be changed. Every month, I would report and present.

The reason this was done was that Zooma wanted to have an unbiased opinion on their internal workings from an outsider. I think this was a unique situation, where I, an intern, was treated equally to everybody else, including the top strategists. 

On top of this, I was also given the freedom to work on projects that interested me and would help Zooma improve their best practices. This meant that there was always something interesting to do, and these projects generally turned out very challenging and educational.

The combination of these things already made this a unique internship, but as we all know the situation in the world also changed dramatically between the start and the end of the internship. Luckily for me, the impact of the working from home was minimum, from a practical point of view. I could continue my work as usual, and processes and expectations in Zooma were at the point already where it was straightforward to start working from home permanently. From a social perspective, it was quite different, though, as working from home and not being surrounded by colleagues or having these conversations and small talk was quite a loss. Still, I believe that Zooma adapted quite quickly in this as well, as we had our weekly Fredags Fika and did funny little events with the team.

All in all, it has been a great experience, with unique opportunities and exciting learnings. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, challenged to try new things and taught skills that I hadn't expected before I started.

Would I recommend an internship at Zooma to anyone else? Absolutely!

Jorik Boot
Zooma's former resident Dutchman and intern from February - July 2020.
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