One month anniversary at Zooma

By Josefine Kinnvall

One month anniversary at Zooma

One month as an intern has passed, and time indeed flies when you're having fun. What have I been up to so far? Read the rest of the article and find out.

For me being unfamiliar with B2B, the first week contained a massive information overload. It's been a fun challenge for me to figure out the differences between B2B and B2C in practice. Because my graduation is getting closer, I believed it was important for me to discover a different perspective on the communication field. If you ask me, there's no better way of learning than to throw yourself out there and embrace the challenge.

Since day one, I've participated in different meetings, both internal and with customers. It's been a lot of observing, listening, writing notes and asking questions. Personally, this was the best possible way to be welcomed at Zooma. It played a significant role in feeling welcomed and being part of the team.

I've now started to work on my own projects, which will mostly contain experimenting with and creating different content for Zooma's social media accounts. Next up is to create a new segment of The Onlinification Pod, called The Internship Pod, and release the first episode where I will interview Gina and Sofia about their experience as interns. I hope you want to come along on this fun journey with me!

Thank you for reading about my first month as an intern at Zooma. My second month anniversary will be summarised in a video, so click the subscribe button below and stay tuned!

Until next time!

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Josefine Kinnvall
Marketing and communications specialist, and former Zooma intern from March-June 2022.
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