A video post of our first month at Zooma

By Sofia Hermansson

A video post of our first month at Zooma

We promised to vary our weekly content with videos in our first article - and after a month at Zooma, we felt the time was right to create our first video.

Video preview

Jumping directly into an internship during a pandemic can make you wonder how we, as students, manage to learn and work when we're not physically in the office.

In Sweden, the restrictions will disappear on the same day we publish this video, but since our internship started during the pandemic, we thought we would explain how the last few weeks have been.

In our video, we talk about:

  • How is it to be an intern at Zooma?
  • What's it like to do a remote internship?
  • How was our introduction?
  • What do we think about the Friday Fika?
  • What's been the highlight so far?

If you're interested in finding out how the rest of Zooma works remotely, we have a podcast on the topic - you can listen to it here.

We hope you like this video and continue to read our Hub so you don't miss more details of our adventure here at Zooma.

/Gina and Sofia


Sofia Hermansson
Former Zooma intern and Marketing Automation Specialist 2022-2023
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