Reflections on my first seven weeks at Zooma

By Sam Stark

Reflections on my first seven weeks at Zooma

Practising the theoretical concepts and knowledge in marketing automation that I have learned over the past two years has always posed a challenge in finding a company that can offer me such an opportunity. However, starting my internship at Zooma was made possible by the support of my course leader. Now that I have spent seven weeks here, I am eager to share my reflections on the experience. 

My first impression of Zooma

I was impressed when I began my internship at Zooma, as they had already prepared, organised, and planned tasks and projects for me to work on. Indeed, their preparation level was remarkable and motivated me to start. Additionally, I found out that Zooma follows the inbound marketing methodology, which is interesting because it requires a high level of creating relevant content and building meaningful, long-term relationships with customers and prospects. 

My education vs Zooma

During my education, I learned about various topics such as customer relationship management, content management, marketing automation, lead generation, and social media marketing. Compared with Zooma's approach, it aligns with most of what I learned. For instance, Zooma uses HubSpot as a CRM system to perform different tasks, from creating content, landing pages, forms, and NPS surveys to publishing blog posts on social media.

Corporation with Alfred

I find it helpful to work with another intern at Zooma. Especially since Alfred and I attended the same school and got the same education. We share our thoughts and the knowledge we have learned and try to use them all the time. Also, we are working and planning tasks together and scheduling them in good order to make it easier for us to start every task.  

My schedule and tasks

We have organised our collaborative duties into four groups based on their status: planned, ongoing, review, and finished. Additionally, we have allocated individual time to work on tasks such as Internship Hub posts and HubSpot certifications. Moreover, we have reserved dedicated time for working on personal projects. 

In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a supportive and knowledgeable team. I believe this experience will serve me well in my future career. 

Sam Stark
Marketing Automation Specialist and Zooma intern from Jan-Apr 2023.
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