The art of creating engaging content

By Oscar Bergving

The art of creating engaging content

Entering my third week at Zooma, I've realised the crucial role engaging content plays in digital marketing. Amid the sea of information, capturing and holding the audience's attention is a must. But it's not an easy task. I'm navigating a landscape of content saturation, short attention spans, and high expectations for personalized content. Despite these challenges, I'm eager to grow and learn. In this piece, I'll share my strategies and insights on creating content that truly engages.

Creating and measuring engaging content

Crafting compelling content that resonates with our audience is at the core of business here at Zooma. This goes beyond just putting together words and visuals; it's about understanding our audience deeply, telling a story that draws them in, and offering them value that they can't find elsewhere. For instance, we might use customer testimonials to build trust or explainer videos to simplify complex topics.

But creating content is only half the battle. It's equally important to measure how this content performs to ensure we're hitting the mark. At Zooma, we use a variety of metrics to gauge engagement. This could be the time spent on a page, the number of shares, likes, or comments on a social media post, or even the bounce rate for a particular piece of content on our website. These insights are invaluable, informing our future content strategies and helping us continually refine and improve.

In essence, engaging content is not just about creation; it's about connecting with our audience, their needs, and, ultimately, connecting them with Zooma. And as I navigate my journey here, I look forward to exploring new ways to deepen these connections through the content we create.

Conclusion and looking ahead

Looking back, these initial weeks at Zooma have been a journey of discovery - from understanding our audience to crafting engaging content that resonates and then measuring its impact. Yet, this is just the beginning. The digital marketing landscape is dynamic, and the need to create compelling, engaging content is constant.

As I look forward, my goal is to continually hone my skills to create content that not only speaks to our audience but sparks conversations and builds lasting relationships. I'm excited about the challenges that lie ahead and even more so about the opportunities they present to connect, engage, and grow with Zooma. 


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Oscar Bergving
Summer intern June 2023
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