The process and strategy behind The Internship Hub

By Sofia Hermansson

The process and strategy behind The Internship Hub

Running The Internship Hub is one of our main tasks during our internship here at Zooma. Every week, we create an article and have free rein over what we'd like to write about. Since we only have less than a month left, it's soon time to pass on the Hub to Zoomas' future interns, who will take over after us - so to make it easier for them, we've tried to summarise our main learnings around the Hub's purpose, strategy, planning, and production. 

In the video, we talked about the following:

  • What is the purpose of The Internship Hub?
  • How do we decide the topic for the week? 
  • How do we plan and execute The Internship Hub?
  • Our thoughts around the Hub 


We hope you enjoy our video, and have a lovely week!

/ Gina and Sofia

Sofia Hermansson
Former Zooma intern and Marketing Automation Specialist 2022-2023
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