What brand treats you like you want?

By Anders Björklund

What brand treats you like you want?

Occasionally I ask you questions here. The title of this post is a simple question and yet such a difficult one to answer. Some say Spotify or Amazon or Uber; others say their local fashion store, restaurant or hairdresser. Most people have difficulties in finding an answer at all.

Since many years back, I’ve asked participants at keynotes and in workshops the question: ‘What brand treats you exactly like you want to would like to be treated?’

The purpose of these questions is of significant importance, and the answers differ widely.

Most times, it takes a while before anyone comes up with anything. They get quiet and something distant in their eyes.

Usually, most people have difficulties in finding an answer at all.  

  • Why is this question so hard to come up with an answer to?
  • Why is it so difficult to give examples of brands that treat you exactly like you want would like to be treated?

I do not have the full answer, and I have given it quite a lot of thought. Sometimes I believe that the answer is straightforward; very few have decided to be good at this. Most everyone says that they shall be customer-centric and that the customer comes first. But do they do anything to support such statements?

Some do not even talk about the customer. Instead, they exclusively speak about what they manufacture and deliver. 

When someone answers with a brand, they feel fit the bill; I always ask why they mention that specific brand? They usually give examples of how the brand cares about them, remembers them and treats them in a personal way.

If you are willing to take this position in your industry, I claim that this position is free. It takes a different mindset and an interest in how it is to be the customers. In any given industry, there are few and far between the brands that have decided to get to know their customers truly. 

Three main advice

My three main advice if you want someone to answer your brand’s name on the above question is:

  • Be genuinely interested in how it is to be them and understand their expectations, habits, behaviour and needs.
  • Make the decision that you shall only create, produce, manufacture and provide things based on looking only from the outside—from their perspective.
  • Make sure that you know what they will compare you with so that you can fulfil their expectations and provide effortless simplicity for them.

Most decision-makers understand that customer satisfaction is essential. Yet, too many companies approach customer satisfaction as an afterthought, it becomes a “nice to have” rather than a “must-have”.

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Anders Björklund
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