What are the benefits of business blogging?

By Louise Waern

What are the benefits of business blogging?

Business blogging is crucial to be able to attract the interested; furthermore, it is a powerful way to convert prospects into qualified leads. It should be an essential part of your communication and your commercial strategy. Are you still not convinced? Then read more below.

What is business blogging?

Business blogging is about creating engaging and relevant content. A blog article is published on your blog, where you house all of your blog articles. Right now, you are reading a blog article on Zooma's blog.

It's important when you do business blogging, that your blog articles shall be about particular subjects related to your customer's business or industries. Moreover, the article’s should speak to the needs and the reality of your chosen personas and target groups.

Business blogging is also about the visibility of your business and knowledge online, your ability to be found and seen. This means that your business pops up in Google and other search engines, on social media platforms, and third-party blogs and communities.

Business blogging is a prioritised way to guide the interested and to get your business out in front of people looking for answers. 

Business blogging should always be personal, i.e. have an identified author, and be a prioritised touchpoint for your business that actively supports your business purpose and objectives. It should do so by driving traffic to your .com/.xx and by providing opportunities to convert visitors to contacts and leads.

The benefits of business blogging

There are many advantages to business blogging. Here you will find my list with some of the main reasons why you should prioritise business blogging.

It is helpful for your audience 

The mission of your business blog(s) should be to answer your audience's questions, provide them advice and share the knowledge that is relevant to them. If you're consistently creating content that helps existing and new customers, it'll help establish you as an authority in their eyes and builds trust. And as a bonus, it is also a powerful way to get your message to them.

It drives traffic to your website/s and generates leads

Every time you publish new content on your blog, it is indexed by Google, which means it is searchable for a wider audience. Additionally, it is a good opportunity to attract new leads, and hopefully, convert them by adding a strong call-to-action to the post. The blog content can be easily shared not only to the blog subscribers but also on social media.

Blogging allows you to tailor the content to different personas

Your target group consist of different personas, all with different needs. They search for knowledge and answers to questions related to their everyday work life. To get them to trust, follow and like you; you need to create your content with them in mind. You should give your target audiences the possibility to get what they want rather than what you as a company want them to understand. One way to solve this is to create different blogs for different types of content, for example; one blog for knowledge-based content and another one for more traditional ‘news and updates’.

Business blogging drives long-term results and is easy to measure

Your published blog articles can rank for years in search engines. They can be easily measured and analysed, e.g.:

  • Who reads the article?
  • When and for how long?
  • Did they take an action?
  • Which articles got the most views?
  • Which article got the most downloads?

These key behaviour indicators will give you a basic idea of what your prospects are interested in and what type of content you should present to your segments later. 

Feel free to download the above list populated in PowerPoint, if you want to use it to convince your colleagues in internal meetings. And don't forget to take a look at our full guide to business blogging if you want to keep learning more.

Download the presentation with the main advantages of blogging.


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