How to start a business podcast

By Charlotte Björsjö

How to start a business podcast

To create a podcast is easy but requires planning, patience and curiosity. Here are five things to consider when starting a podcast. 

If you wonder why you should get going with running your business podcast, read my colleague Qarin Lövgrens post; The benefits of podcasting for business. This post focuses on things to consider once you have decided to start a podcast.

Content - is key for your success as a "podder"

Which is your target group and what does their reality look like? When you have identified your listeners it will be easier to know what to talk about and what may interest them. The content is the key for your success as a "podder". Don’t be afraid to create a niche and stick to it, and try to find a creative twist that will make the listener curious and long for your next podcast.

Planning your content:

Audio - bad sound can make the most interesting topic unbearable to listen to

Your listener will most likely listen to your podcast via headphones with the sound straight into their ears. This creates a high demand on a really good audio. With a bad sound the most interesting topic can become unbearable to listen to.

Audio Tips!

  • Invest in a proper microphone with attached headset to plug into your computer. If there are more than one person that talks, make sure that each person has their own headset and a microphone. Take a look at this article for more advice on podcasting equipment.
  • A poor sound consist of bad noise and crackle and/or disturbing background noises.
  • Always test the sound before you start - every time. Meaning that you should make a short recording and listen to the result in your headphones to determine if it sounds good.
  • Have a glass of water handy, a dry mouth creates a slight discomfort for the listener.
  • If it’s possible, invest in a mixer to adjust the sound. Your listeners will for sure appreciate it.

Watch the podcasting webinar

Are you looking for a reason to try podcasting for yourself? Watch Alexander's on-demand webinar and find out how experimenting with podcasts can drive your whole content engine forward.


Studio - you need to make sure that the sound is good

To start a podcast there is no need for a studio, although it is preferred, but you need to make sure that the sound is good. Make test recordings in different locations to see where to find the best sound. Try a small room with sound absorbing materials such as carpets, curtains and other textile fabrics.

Editing - poorly edited sound is just as annoying as bad sound

Poorly edited sound is just as annoying as bad sound. Rather keep repetitions and hesitations than to make a bad editing. There's a variety of editing softwares to use, so try out several ones to find out which one suits you.

Tool tips!

  • Audacity, a tool that works on all operating systems
  • GarageBand, which is included in your Mac (if you use a Mac)

Publish - make your podcast available for your listeners

To make your podcast available for your listeners you need to do two things:

  1. Upload the pod-file on a platform that creates an RSS feed. There are several ways, but my tips to you is to try Libsyn or Podbean. (You cannot upload the podcast to iTunes, iTunes only accepts your podcast RSS-feed).
  2. Add your RSS feed to iTunes through your Apple account.

And to make the interested aware of your podcast, alert your followers in your prioritised offsite communities and send them in the right direction. Using contet from your podcast in other channels is also a great way to spread the word - you can find tips on the best approaches to repurposing podcast content in this article.

Good luck with your pod, in the meantime you can always...

Talk to an expert

Are you looking for more knowledge before you take the plunge and start your own company podcast? If so, you can either take a look at our in-depth guide to the facts around business podcasting here, or download the free PDF guide to starting your company podcast below.

Get the guide to starting your podcast

Get the guide to starting your podcast

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