Buyer’s journey content that makes impact

By Per-Henrik Persson

Buyer’s journey content that makes impact

Don’t merely trust offsite touch points and their way of creating attraction to your valuable content. If you only rely on the offsite touch point’s efficiency—you’re also forced to play with their rules, with less flexibility and control.

The most important thing you should consider, is to create and generate content that inspire and interest your personas. If you can’t trigger your audience, then it’s next to impossible to make them spread the word and share your message through their favourite offsite touch points.

Here’s two important things to remember:

  • The content must be interesting enough that your personas want to receive and consume it in the first place (this usually means telling the right story, at the right time, in the right context).
  • It must also be good enough for your personas to want to share it (it needs to be either inspiring, entertaining or informative).

Buyer journey content that makes impact

If the check boxes of these two simple rules can be checked for all or most of the content you produce for your brand, and the effects of your communication will most likely start to see a steady improvement. Your brand will get a new allure that will shine through and inspire and attract the way your persona want—not the way you believe they want.

Never expect your arguments to get wings and being shared—it’s your personas’ own arguments to why your service or product is good that will spread online. Make sure it’s a good story worth sharing—that is adapted to, and told, with the personas’ buyer journey in mind.

So show that you care and give them content they need and want to share!

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Per-Henrik Persson
Creative Lead at Zooma, 2015-2017.
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