Change is slow–very slow

By Anders Björklund

Change is slow–very slow

I keep hearing lots of people claiming that everything changes so fast–I argue that this is b-s! I understand where it comes from, but see very little proof of it.

I hear keynote speakers and consultants describe the speed of change—particularly, how fast technology enables change. Moreover, they refer to certain generations with mysticism, claim that this and that is so different today, and that everything is changing at an ever higher speed. 

While most people still struggle to update operating systems and smartphones all the time, we perhaps forget to refresh and reflect upon the updates of our own "systems", habits and expectations.

I claim that most of us still live the same type of lives we have done in the last couple of years. And so it is for the majority of companies as well. It takes time to change habits.

The people claiming that change is so fast tend to lean on figures and use expressions that only end up causing stress for people that already have a filled agenda. The result is that it gives these people a feeling that they are falling behind and aren't making sure that change and modernisation happen fast enough within their organisations.

I believe that change is happening, but not at all at the speed and pace that keynote speakers and consultants claim.

We must have respect for the fact that old structures, and ways of working, take time to change and evolve. And that the prerequisite for change always is a new and different mindset.

Until I see proof of anything else, my standpoint is that change is slow – very slow!

Below you'll find a summary of the ten most common bits of advice regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset that you can download and keep as a constant reminder.

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Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B.
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