Commenting on LinkedIn

By Anders Björklund

Commenting on LinkedIn

A lot is happening on LinkedIn. Sales reps are employed due to their ability to connect with people, right? Online platforms are simply an additional avenue to engage with others! Commenting on LinkedIn posts isn't just another box to check; it's an essential tool for your job. After all, you don't consider email a mere to-do list item. However, I'd like to discuss a mistake before sharing an uncomplicated and effective method for navigating this.

Whether you label it social, modern, or deep selling, platforms like LinkedIn are crucial for interacting and conversing with clients and potential customers. Both offline and online conversations are vital in this hybrid world.

Now, let me provide some specific steps to enhance your commenting approach:

Develop a commenting routine

Aim to make 5–10 comments daily during the work week by setting aside 15 minutes in the morning or taking 5-minute breaks throughout the day. To establish this habit, use a stack of coins on your desk as a physical reminder; move one coin for each comment made.


Utilise Sales Navigator Alerts

A post's value depends on both the poster and the content. Staying top of mind with potential and existing customers requires knowing when they share on LinkedIn. Sales Navigator is helpful by alerting you to your saved Leads' LinkedIn activity. Engage with their posts and follow industry-related hashtags. Remember to scroll through your LinkedIn feed, as engaging with pertinent content and connections helps tailor your newsfeed to your interests.

Transfer your offline communication skills online

There isn't a shortcut for crafting comments, and ChatGPT isn't the solution. Instead, rely on the interpersonal skills that got you into sales. Share insights, ask questions, or recount similar experiences. Alternatively, address the poster directly. Finally, apply the same conversational approach from offline interactions to the online sphere.

People don't comment primarily because of the difficulty of attributing a specific comment to a particular business outcome. However, this is an inadequate excuse for not engaging prospects through commenting.

Sales relationships comprise numerous touchpoints and interactions. You can increase visibility with critical individuals by dedicating a few minutes daily. A single comment may seem insignificant, but consistently engaging on LinkedIn holds immense power.

Remember, you never know when that LinkedIn comment could reach the person who has the authority to approve your deal.

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Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B.
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