Content creation: Why it's difficult to be relevant and engaging

By Anders Björklund

Content creation: Why it's difficult to be relevant and engaging

What is the first place you go for answers or expert advice on an important question? We guess Google (or your preferred search engine). You are not alone— Google alone answers over four billion search queries every day. But if you're not relevant or engaging, it is unlikely that you'll show up on Google. Learn how to do it by downloading our guide on how to create knowledge content.

When you enter a long-tail question into the search bar, the links that appear in your search results are content. You consume content daily. 

The article that guides you on your eye symptoms, the contact us section guiding you to the right support and answers. The video tutorial on what the best way is to use your new spectacles. News, Instagram feeds, blog articles, videos, GIFs, images. All content.

Content is a central part of our everyday lives. Content keeps us informed, answers our questions, entertains us, makes us smile, guides our decisions, and more. Content helps people to get answers to questions, to be guided, to trust and to be satisfied. Content delights prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate desired results and satisfaction for our companies.

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But why is it so challenging for companies to create relevant and engaging content?

The most straightforward answer is that they have problems to understand how it is to be their prospect or customer.

In the age of content production, the competition online seems higher than ever, at the same time it's easier than ever. Instead of creating content that has the sole purpose of filling specific online areas, or that try to simply prove that they are active across their social media touchpoints, companies need to find the ways to derive real value and relevance of their content creation efforts. To be able to be relevant, they need to focus on how it is to be a prospect or customer to their offering and company. They need to be driven by the urge to understand and examine what it is that prospects and customers expect, to be able to create content that meets these expectations. 

Not all companies are able to overcome this challenge easily; they must take decisions, repurpose and shift their mindset. And after that, they should have a more detailed process and plan to be able to provide engaging content.

The ability to create relevant and qualitative content regularly is the prerequisite for SEO and conversion. The constant flow of content that cover specific industry challenges and aim to solve the target personas needs and problems is a path to developing your company's brand. Your brand needs to be a knowledge authority, credible and relevant among the central part of your existing customers. 

What matters today is to create the exact type of content that appeals exactly to the target personas. This has become increasingly important as the online world becomes a more competitive space and where it may be tough to distinguish from all the other similar companies and offers out there. 

All companies need to understand the basics of people's behaviour and expectations. To do so helps you when to decide what content is needed. 

When it comes to content creation, there are some aspects that companies must take into consideration when planning the creation of relevant content that follows prospects and customers demands and drives engagement. 

An increasing number of companies, turn to content creation and distribution to expand their online presence and to increase brand awareness. They all throw away their money.

Companies must find the right ways to gain insights from their existing customers and understand how it is to be them. Creating content that is relevant and engaging takes that you understand their needs and behaviour. 

For further advice, please download the guide from my colleague Mark below. I hope you like it.

How to create knowledge content

You can also read this article in Swedish on Onlineguiden.

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