Digitalisation is happening!

By Anders Björklund

Digitalisation is happening!

I have enormous respect for the unusual and extraordinary situation in the world right now. At the same time, I reflect that one effect of everything ongoing is that 2020 will turn out to be the year when onlinification and digitalisation happen.

As more and more countries go into different stages of lockdown, people are keeping social distance and working remotely. There will be a new playbook, and events, keynotes, tradeshows, and product demos are bound to go online. In times like these, online and digital become more critical than ever before. The only way to interact and communicate with each other, socially as well as professionally, is by going online.

Online and digital keep business going

Right now, I notice that the companies that used to be hesitant, are stepping up their digital skills and online usage. Video conferences, screen sharing, sharing documents, information security, cloud solutions – companies across different industries, all need to use online and digital to keep their business and operations going.

The learning curve is steep for a lot of people and companies. The companies that have relied on outdated solutions now experience the efficiency of online and digital. Management who have avoided to allow their teams to work remotely notices that some colleagues stay more productive and creative when they work in their environments. It also becomes a hotbed for a more sustainable, resistant and better work setup, where new digital work processes naturally can be evolved.

All of this will lead to a shift in mindset, habits, and ways of working. It will also pave the way for massive onlinification and digitalisation in the years ahead.

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Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B.
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