Happy summer reading

By Ingrid Wallgren

Happy summer reading

Do you love a good read? Summer is a great time for reading—for example in the park, on your Kindle, on the beach or in a boat. We asked all our colleagues to come up with one reading tip each. Here is our summer reading list 2016, for you to explore and enjoy!

We have divided the reading lists in five categories:

» Online and online adventures
» New ambitions
» Inbound
» Extraordinary people
» Books for lazy days

An impressive book tower

Online and online adventures

New ambitions


Extraordinary people

Books for lazy days

We wish all of our friends a happy summer and a good read!

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Ingrid Wallgren
As a key account manager and business strategist at Zooma, Ingrid keeps close to customers’ needs and activities, helping to launch new products and outline innovations in clever and creative ways since 2005. Particular interest in technology trends and sustainability.
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