How Augmented Reality can improve B2B sales

By Nils Munk Wirell

How Augmented Reality can improve B2B sales

B2B is ready for AR innovation! A recent study shows that the key recipe for successful sales organisations is to materially simplify the purchasing experience. Successful B2B businesses should be seeking out digital tools that can simplify the process even further.

Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to help increase buyers confidence, and simplifying the purchasing process, by assisting companies to demonstrate value early, easily upsell, and speed up sales cycles.

Show value early

Many B2B companies have a very complex offering that is hard to demonstrate through sales decks and brochures. These products and solutions might also be made to order and are then even harder to demonstrate for the potential buyer. AR enables a three-dimensional product or solution demonstration for very early stages. Buyers can see how the product or solution will interact with existing products or solutions on site, configure and understand the value at a very early stage.

Easily upsell

Using AR not only makes it easy for potential customers to understand how the product or solution fits into the existing setup. It's also possible for the sales executive to bring and demonstrate the entire product or solution line, which is often very difficult in B2B-sales. This creates opportunities to up- and cross-sell. 

Speed up sales cycles

As mentioned earlier, using AR makes it easy to demonstrate an entire product line or complex solutions. Companies using AR during their B2B sales process have also shown that AR can help increase the speed of the sales process. AR can help demonstrate various configuration options, features and various capabilities. These are typically questions sales executives will encounter in the late stages of a sales process. Answering them while meeting customers will help speed up the sales process.

I have summarised these tips in a PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to download the presentation below.


Nils Munk Wirell
Director of Visualisation at Zooma, 2016-2019.
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