How to interact with customers

By Anders Björklund

How to interact with customers

I hope that B2B companies will soon make sure that they increase the number of thoughtfully integrated opportunities for their prospects and customers to have conversations with their experts.

The experience of using multiple touchpoints with B2B companies is like a giant ecosystem - everything that most potential and existing B2B customers experience before and after purchase – and between purchases. Their paths to conversions are not about clicks; they're about relevance, interactions and conversations.

I advise you to, at the top of the funnel, think about where it makes sense to start a conversation with potential customers and tailor the rest of the experience for them. For existing customers, it's all about giving them a timely opportunity to engage with you on a conversational level, so you can gather crucial micro feedback to enhance their future experience.

B2B companies that have become surer of themselves – and more structured in an architectural sense – have to shift to a focus on the service itself. They have to become more focused on how to take care of their clientele.

Customer service almost makes or breaks companies, and there is a need to grow the effort to make the customer service smoother for everyone involved. Some thought through, and very basic automation can make your company and brand more human.

Still, too many B2B companies are going directly to the selling – sometimes very aggressively. I hate this personally. And some B2B companies seem to be fat and happy and can't handle that someone fills in a form asking to buy something. Sadly, these two cases are valid for too many B2B companies.

An excellent B2B company would never do that. A B2B company understands how it is to be a potential or existing customer company and knows how it is to be them. They know how to build a connection with interested parties and people, and treat them exactly like they want to be treated themselves. To get potential or existing customers positively excited and making promises of how it will make their lives better in some way is an honour. I want to see company cultures that are more human, engaging and caring. You should always focus on the long-term relationship in all sales. Focus on building relations rather than making quickies. Good luck!

I have created a simple checklist to remind you of some of the things you should think about. Download and enjoy!

Download the checklist

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