Is the inbound methodology the modern marketer’s trump card?

By Anders Björklund

Is the inbound methodology the modern marketer’s trump card?

Most likely the answer is yes, since this is the most rational no-nonsense way of providing and communicating your knowledge and skills as a trustworthy basis for gaining trust. And do you know that this philosophy was successfully used already in the 60’s – by Nike!

HubSpot is the undisputable forerunner in putting the inbound methodology into a system–into an effective and user-friendly online marketing system that is. Being a well-known and widely spread philosophy, the methodology and the digital tools are continuously refined to meet the needs in an ever-changing market.

HubSpot Channel Account Manager, Steve Vaughan, visited Zooma and explained the inbound methodology, the rationale behind it, and the latest improvements for effectively attracting new visitors and convert them into delighted customers.

And yes, he also explains what Nike did decades ago.

Here is Steve’s presentation for you to watch and enjoy!

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