Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

By Per-Henrik Persson

Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

Using an Inbound methodology will help you streamline your content and communication as a brand. But in order to succeed, it’s important that you have done your homework and created a solid base to stand upon. Part of the solution is to create platforms that can guide your whole communication as a brand.

By having a brand platform and a communication platform in harmony—and by making those core parts of your Inbound strategy—you will be able to act faster and to move further outside the ‘box’. And that without feeling nervous or run the risk of getting too far from the objective of your communication.

When things happen quickly, such as current events or when a new cultural phenomenon emerges, you will be able and ready to move fast and to capitalise. This by utilising the touch point best suited for the situation. Simply put, with your brand and communication strategy in sync with your marketing and communication actions you’ll be able to act much faster.

If the base isn’t solid, there’s a risk of getting a loose structure that can dilute or even obstruct your objectives and ambitions with your overall market activities.

Creating platforms to support Inbound, brand & communication

With a proper method and a motivated team in place, you’ll get the power to establish the tools needed for you to be better prepared. Long term, you’ll get the tonality that support your brand strategy and add strength to it. Short term, you’ll get a message that injects small doses of credibility into your long-term marketing strategy.

And best of all: Using the Inbound methodology as part of your solid base makes it possible to measure relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) and key behaviour indicators (KBI’s). Indicators that are crucial for your daily business development and for your ability to tweak and enhance your communication as you go along.

Additionally, you will create trust and recognition with the ability to adapt to things and situations that can help invigorate your brand. And you’ll make your communication more ‘tailor-made’ for your target audience (your personas). That is the prerequisite for being prepared and the very opposite to being reactive or acting out of desperation when something unexpected happens.

To learn more about how to be ready when something happens, please read my blog post about How to build a smarter brand.

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