The Internship Pod - with Gina and Sofia

By Doug Bolton

The Internship Pod - with Gina and Sofia

This week, we're releasing The Onlinification Pod through a slightly different channel than usual - our current interns Gina and Sofia guested today's episode, so you can find it over on The Internship Hub.

If you're a student currently looking for an internship, I hope this episode will come in useful. I spoke to Gina and Sofia about their expectations before they started, what they've been working on so far, and what tips they would give to prospective Zooma interns. If you're looking for answers about what an internship at Zooma might be like, take a listen.

To listen, head to The Internship Hub and see what Gina and Sofia have to say.

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Doug Bolton
Doug has been a Content Producer at Zooma since 2021. Originally English, he now lives in Sweden.
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