Reasons to get started with inbound

By Louise Waern

Reasons to get started with inbound

We've communicated a lot about inbound through the years. Hopefully, like many others, you're convinced of inbound by now. But maybe you need arguments to persuade your company's decision makers of why you should prioritise inbound? I, therefore, have summarised in alphabetic order some of the main reasons to get started. Enjoy!

Accomplish long-lasting marketing initiatives 

Google will index relevant content published online, and if it's shared and read, it will over time continue to build authority and become an excellent long term investment.

Build authority 

Actual content convinces visitors to do business with an expert. The mission of creating content shall be to answer your audience's questions, provide them with relevant advice and share the knowledge that is relevant to them. If you're consistently creating content that supports and helps existing and new customers, it'll help establish you as an authority in their eyes, and it builds trust. And as a bonus, it is also a powerful way to get your message to them.

Google ranks webpages based on two primary factors:

  • Relevance:
    - That the page discusses the subject a user search for.
    - That the site is frequently updated.
  • Authority:
    That other people trust the site: that users visit it, find value in its content and reference the content as authoritative (i.e. share the specific page and create inbound links.

Convert prospects

Inbound makes it easy to identify and acquaint leads. The more you know about the leads, the easier it gets to create the right offers to nurture and convert them.

Gain data for optimisation

The contact analytics is a fantastic source to measure and analyse your ROI and to get direction for tweaking and to optimise your communication.

Get ambassadors through content

Valuable content results in customers that promote your brand and products.

Improve marketing and sales efficiency

It is quite common for marketing and sales to have challenges in cooperating efficiently. Inbound and the platforms supporting it enables the marketing department to reach new leads, collect information about them and hand that information over to sales. In that way, the sales organisation can move away from making cold calls and instead work more efficiently with sales by utilising the insights provided by marketing.

Hopefully, these reasons can support you in convincing the decision makers.

If you want to learn more, you can read our published article about what inbound ishow to run successful inbound campaigns and many other inbound articles.

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