The most downloaded content offers 2018

By Anders Björklund

The most downloaded content offers 2018

We do hope that you had a good 2018! These are the most downloaded content offers on The Onlinification Blog 2018. And it's the eight most downloaded, but we are tired of headers with numbers! Perhaps you want to download one or many, enjoy!

During 2018 Zooma published lot's of content offers to make your life easier.

Here are the most downloaded content offers during the last year:

A prerequisite for being able to perform fast and accurate analytics in HubSpot, or any other tool for that matter, is to use coherent naming for activities.

A summary of the ten most common bits of advice we give to our friends regarding obtaining an online and digital mindset. 

In this PDF, you find four useful questions to ask when searching for a modern marketer who can contribute to higher profitability, sales and customer satisfaction. You will also get and idea of what type of answers to look for from your candidates.

If you’re interested in knowing how Google became synonymous with internet search, or how SEO evolved over time, this 15 page presentation will give you a good overview

A four page summary of warning signs of that your company will soon be in a hurry.

In this pdf, you get a summary of the main obstacles to digital transformation and how to overcome them. 

This PDF describes the process of fine-tuning your published blog posts and articles in three steps.

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