An invitation to try out our chatbot

An invitation to try out our chatbot

This week we're experimenting with bots at Zooma, and our first product is the ZoomaBot which is now live on

The purpose of the bot is to make it easier for interested visitors to convert into qualified leads. It assesses the online maturity of leads while gaining enough business insight to be able to give a relevant response.

We'd very much like feedback from our existing friends, so try it out! If you want to you can submit your comments in the section below.

If you're interested in having your own bot and want to understand what is possible with HubSpot, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us to further the discussion. 

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Stellan Björnesjö
Online Strategist at Zooma since 2012. 15+ years of experience as a manager, business developer and specialist within online and e-commerce. Has a perpetual drive for knowledge, and knows what to do with it. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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