Congratulations, Stena Recycling

Congratulations, Stena Recycling

Congratulations Stena Recycling to your two new knowledge hubs! Both with the main focus on sustainability. Zooma wishes you good luck and happy interactions with your customers.

Stena Recycling Knowledge Hub

A few days ago, Stena Recycling launched The Sustain-Ability Hub - an online knowledge bank! 

Sustain-Ability is a wordplay with sustainability. Stena Recycling helps companies to become better at sustainability by using their ability to make sustainability happen.

Stena Recycling has launched the two hubs to provide guidance and answers for decision-makers, to their questions and challenges.

Many of you are most likely eager to learn more about sustainability. Our advice is that you should explore Stena Recycling's knowledge hub in Swedish or in English - and remember to subscribe.

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