Ever thought of getting solar panels?

Ever thought of getting solar panels?

Electric cars, scooters, and bicycles are not only popular, but they are becoming the watch type for sustainable passenger transport. Perhaps no wonder the environmentalist is also thinking about how to produce electricity sustainably. Are you?

Solar panels - a step to sustainability

Roofs with solar panels are a rather common sight in every villa area. And it's just the beginning. As solar cells' performance has increased while prices have dropped, more people discover that there is a potential for profitable micro-production of electricity. 

How to get a solar panel system?

The tech-savvy will have no problem to design and build a system. But the rest of us would probably want a single and credible supplier of a turn-key solution. And that's what our client Mölndal Energi (in Swedish) does: helping their customers to get a complete solar panel system installed.


Perhaps you are considering getting your solar panels for your house or company. Gain more knowledge and advice (in Swedish) for current and future power generation – to convert solar energy into electricity.

We also congratulate Mölndal Energi to the recently launched solar panel offering and suggest everyone we know that owns a house in Sweden to book a meeting with Mölndal Energi.

Charlotte Björsjö
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