How did it go on Black Friday?

How did it go on Black Friday?

A few weeks ago, we let you know about our plans for Black Friday. Instead of enticing people with deals, offers and promotions and trying to sell as much as possible, we decided to take a different approach - by donating the day's profits to charity.

Well, we've finished counting now, and the total amount came to 30,000 SEK. Thanks to our customers for making this donation possible.

Our donation will be split equally between Göteborgs Stadsmission and Faktum - two organisations that are very important to us. Both work tirelessly to help people in our city suffering from homelessness, poverty, unemployment, addiction and social vulnerability, so we're very happy that we can support them.

If you want to learn more or make a donation of your own (and we think you should), take a closer look at the links below.

Anders Björklund
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