INBOUND17 day one tells us about evolving practises

INBOUND17 day one tells us about evolving practises

Inbound is evolving, now there are over 34 000 HubSpot customers. More and more we see an entirely new approach to content marketing. So what’s new? Well, for example messaging and bots, more targeted activities and smart intelligent tools, and end-users expect end-to-end experiences. Are companies prepared for all of this? Even though some are, it is not going as fast as is needed. But every one of HubSpot’s 3,400 partners is prepared to help customers adapt, evolve and meet the needs of customers in these dynamic times.

At the INBOUND17 conference, new knowledge will be shared and Zooma is present to make sure this is passed on to you. At the partner day, a lot of new features were disclosed, which we cannot yet tell you about. But during the week you will hear more as soon as these news are officially announced. So please continue following our reporting from the conference.

HubSpot is continuing to evolve

HubSpot is built for decision makers, developers and marketers. They are all involved in the decision on what tools to use and are looking for speed, stability and security. Many of the improvements you will see announced are targeted to addressing these needs and in particular the needs of professional marketers.

A shift in how we communicate with brands

What does the future of communication look like? What comes after email. HubSpot thinks we are on the verge of a shift in how customers and companies communicate with each other. It is just not email, it’s multi-channel, it is not just for sales, it’s for every team. It is not just real-time, it’s anytime. Where does this lead us? It’s just not humans, it’s about scaling with the help of bots. There will be a live stream on Tuesday, where you can follow these announcements. For now, see HubSpot’s earlier announcement of AI. The battle of the bots and The next phase of marketing automation.

The partner day at INBOUND17 held growth sessions around hot topics such as navigating content and SEO, artificial intelligence (AI), ever-evolving social media, content creation and conversion strategies and how to measure what matters.  


Consequences for marketing

Our key takeaway is that we still create content in the same way but search and consumer behaviours have changed. Implications are that we have to think new around content strategy. For example, we need to move away from individual keywords to topic clusters. These are based on the 5–10 core problems of our buyer personas. HubSpot is becoming more of a platform than only a solution, with integration to a lot of content solutions making it possible to do marketing in a completely new way. An important thing is how we can win in this new era using channels that have adopted intelligence to target your audience down to a granular level and then measure the effect down to contact level and see what is working best.

Stay tuned with us the following days to see what is new that will help us stay ahead, enhance our knowledge and capabilities in the near term and find our competitive advantage long term.

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