Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (July 2022)

Interesting things we've bookmarked recently (July 2022)

Here are some of the most interesting articles, tools, and resources recently bookmarked by the Zooma team. We hope you find it inspiring and helpful!

Stats and definitions

Business Stats: The Modern Directory and Data Hub
This page serves as a go-to modern hub for all things business stats. It is regularly updated with the most exciting and compelling findings.

Digital definitions
You can use these definitions as the basis to build your own internal digital and online marketing definitions for standard terms and expressions.


Email Time Optimizer - Growbots Labs
With Growbots Labs, you will find the best time to send your emails based on your recipient's characteristics and the type of company they are working for.

Aura is an all-in-one intelligent safety solution that's simple to understand and easy to use.Aura

BuiltWith Technology Profiler
The BuiltWith Chrome Extension lets you find out what a website is built with by simply clicking on the BuiltWith icon!

Articles and Podcasts

Five creative takes on the painted door test
Here, entrepreneur Neal Taparia talks about how he and his co-founder use painted door tests across all aspects of their business. A good article with examples on how to run tests before committing to potentially expensive development.

Lex Fridman Podcast - Episode #294
This episode is a conversation between Lex Fridman and Tony Fadell. Fadell is an engineer and designer, co-creator of the iPod, iPhone, Nest Thermostat, and author of the new book Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making.


Update to limits to growth - Comparing the World3 model with empirical data
In the 1972 bestseller Limits to Growth (LtG), the authors concluded that if global society kept pursuing economic growth, it would experience a decline in food production, industrial output, and ultimately population, within this century. The LtG authors used a system dynamics model to study interactions between global variables, varying model assumptions to generate different scenarios. Previous empirical-data comparisons since then by Turner showed the closest alignment with a scenario that ended in collapse. This research constitutes a data update to LtG, by examining to what extent empirical data aligned with four LtG scenarios spanning a range of technological, resource, and societal assumptions. Access the research here.

16 Classic Pasta Recipes Most Definitely Worth Mastering
There are an endless amount of excellent pasta recipes. Instead of going down the rabbit hole, focus on these 16 classic versions. They're all excellent and will make you a pasta master.
At Sandy Holt you will find handmade ceramics in happy colours. Here you will find, e.g. cups, bowls, candle holders, vases, jars, pots, and much more.

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