Kommunikationsdagen in Jönköping November 6

Kommunikationsdagen in Jönköping November 6

If you want to learn more about communication, you should be in Jönköping November 6. Kommunikationsdagen Jkpg is a full day seminar hosted by Jönköping University. N.B. all keynotes are in Swedish.

Kommunikationsdagen Jkpg  is an industry day filled with inspirational lectures, workshops, and panel discussions, where different players in the marketing and communication industry meet, network and learn from each other. The day is arranged by Jönköping University together with various industry players. It is aimed for a broad target group to maximize networking. You will meet communications directors, employees, freelancers, researchers and industry associations.

Zooma's Anders Björklund will have a keynote focused on: If it is possible to convert unknown online visitors to customers, how to do that, and where. In the keynote Anders also shares his knowledge of people's online habits and expectations, and explains why, what and how companies must provide relevance and simplicity. 

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The price is SEK 749, but for you who is a member of the Market Association in Jönköping or Sweden's Communicators, a discounted price of SEK 499 is offered.
Are you a student? For you, the day costs SEK 200.

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