One persona is enough during summer!

One persona is enough during summer!

Due to extensive work with behavioural studies, Zooma is closed with limited access, July 10–28.  Most of us are back in the office again on Monday, July 31. 

The entire target population for vacation activities can be condensed into two personas: 

  • Amber the ambitious
  • Lennie the laidback 
Let’s analyse the major differences between these personas


Amber spends months planning for vacation. ‘Relaxing’ is booked in her calendar and every summer activity detail is meticously planned for in an Excel sheet at the size of a tennis court. She is the vacation manager of her family.

Lennie doesn’t plan. 

Amber has a personal to-do list with 5 things that must be completed  on top of the 32 scheduled family activites. This year’s list:

  1. Read In search of lost time by Marcel Proust
  2. Learn to play the violin
  3. Climb Mount Everest
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Spend more time with the family

Lennie doesn’t have a list. 


Both Amber and Lennie are in need of vacation and they are both looking forward to it.


So, when it comes to vacation it’s enough with only one persona for the entire popualtion:

  • Vera the vacant
    We all share the same need, rest. And, that need is met by the same thing—vacation!
      Case closed.
      Zooma closed. 
See you July 31. We wish all our friends a relaxing summer!


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