Reflections from a summer internship

Reflections from a summer internship

This week I will complete a three-month internship at Zooma. This article is intended to shed light on my experience as an intern.

Now, after working at Zooma, I can say that my internship was an excellent opportunity to learn about and to get some insights from real working life.

Of course, you learn a lot at school, but this is more of the "real deal."  

Soon I will finish my work here and complete my Industrial Design Engineering studies at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Industrial Design Engineering focuses on the interplay between humans, technology, and design. It is a broad program, and you will have a wide range of career opportunities afterwards. You could do anything from classical industrial design to UX and service design.

Moa Holmgren

Why I have decided to do an internship

In my studies, an internship was not a prerequisite, so I did it during my summer holidays. An internship enables me to apply the concepts and techniques I have learned: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Just as this old saying claims, the real value of something can only be judged from practical experience and not from theory.

I decided to do an internship at Zooma because it seemed like an exciting and creative environment where things never get boring, and I was right about that. The size of the company is perfect for me because you truly get to know the people working here. I also really enjoyed being a part of an inspiring project and working with big clients. Due to the short duration of some projects, I feel like I'm involved almost from start to finish.

My reflection on the last three months 

During this short period, I learned a lot. The internship gave me insights into different areas, like 3D modelling and footage, and I have certainly improved my program and tool skills. I've used Photoshop a lot before, but I've learned so much more from working with different types of images and with my Zooma colleagues. Also, I learned how to combine Photoshop and 3D programs successfully.

Something I've learned about that I didn't expect before I came here is to photograph. During this project that I've been working on, we have not only been editing images but also arranging photoshoots. These occasions taught me how to work with camera settings, lights, etc. That is something I didn't know so much about before, but I'm happy that I have gained knowledge of it. 

Furthermore, I have learned about the way of working with the inbound methodology. Before this summer, I did some inbound courses. The courses gave me an insight into the importance of doing business in a customer-centric, i.e. a more human way.

Additionally, I have learned how to solve problems rationally. Doing the best of what you have, being creative, and thinking outside the box, you can create a lot–maybe more than you thought. In the current footage project where I'm involved, e.g., you don't have to go to New York to have a good New York picture. It is another way of being creative: finding a solution to problems that might not be so hard. 

I feel like I have been allowed to really contribute and be a part of the project. I gained valuable experience and a new perspective on what kind of career excites me. 

Thank you Zooma!


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Moa Holmgren
Intern at Zooma, June to August 2019.
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