Series to watch - Tips from the Zoomers

Series to watch - Tips from the Zoomers

All Zoomers present weekly tips on what to watch, read, see, visit and listen during this summer. This week we have summarised some tips on series to enjoy.


The Last Dance, is a 10-part docu-series that chronicles Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' dynasty. This series gives a definitive account of Michael Jordan's career and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, packed with unaired footage from the 1997-98 season.

Unorthodox, a mini-series on Netflix about a Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn, that flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage. In Berlin, she is taken in by a group of musicians — until her past comes calling.

Inhuman Resources (Dérapages), it is a new French series with the football star Eric Cantona in the leading role. Alain Delambre, unemployed and 57, is lured by a job opening. But things get worst when he realises he's a pawn in a cruel corporate game. 

Money Heist (La casa de Papel), a Spanish series where some thieves lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan.

When they see us, Depiction of the 1989 case involving 'The Central Park Five.' Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story.

Mindhunter: Two FBI agents expand criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder. They are getting uneasily close to all-too-real monsters in the late 1970s.

Homeland: CIA analyst Carrie Mathison struggles with mental health and family issues while leading the war against terrorism in this political thriller series.


The Loudest Voice is an American drama television mini-series depicting Roger Ailes as he creates and guides the rise of Fox News. It is based on the book The Loudest Voice in the Room, by Gabriel Sherman.

Years and Years is a British television drama series that looks at a fictionalised version of current events from the perspective of the Lyons family in Manchester over a period of 15 years.

The Wire: In Baltimore, a murder and drug riot are investigating a drug ring believed to be behind several murders. This raw and realistic series is told from both the police and criminals' perspectives, and good and evil cannot be separated.

Chernobyl is a British-American mini-series in five sections. The series depicts the Chernobyl nuclear accident, which occurred in the Soviet Union in April 1986, and its immediate consequences. 

Killing Eve: After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked.

Amazon Prime

McMaffia is a British crime drama television series. This series is inspired by the book McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld by Misha Glenny. The series is about Alex Godman, the British-raised son of a Russian mafia boss living in London whose father is trying to escape from the world of organised crime. 

SVT (Swedish)

We got this is a Swedish series about George English. He is American but resides in Sweden, and sits on a large tax debt that will soon have to be paid. He finds out that there is a reward of SEK 50 million for anyone who can provide such information that the murder of Swedish ex-prime minister Olof Palme can be solved.

Kalifat is a Swedish TV series. The thriller is about five young women whose destiny is intertwined in a harrowing story of religious fundamentalism that seduces and destroys.

CMore or Tv4Play (Swedish)

Bäckström: Unscrupulous murder detective Evert Bäckström finds himself with a tough case when a skull pierced with bullet holes is found on an uninhabited island in the archipelago.

We hope you enjoy it.

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