Skip Christmas gifts and support BRIS!

Skip Christmas gifts and support BRIS!

Christmas is just around the corner. At a time of year when children should be excitedly looking forward to the holidays, thousands are facing a bleak Christmas.

Christmas is a magical time for many children in Sweden, but unfortunately not for everyone. Violence, abuse and mental illness do not take Christmas holidays - rather, a bad situation can be even worse when children cannot attend school during the day. 

At Zooma, we have decided not to give any Christmas presents this year and instead support the Swedish organisation BRIS. BRIS work for a better society for children, so they can enjoy a better childhood. Their work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and aims to strengthen the rights of children.

Skip Christmas gifts and support BRIS

BRIS provides support directly and indirectly to children, mobilises society for the rights of the child and influences decision-makers by ensuring children's voices are heard. Here you will find information about how you can get in contact with them. And here you find out how to support them.

This Christmas, Zooma donates SEK 1,000 per employee, to BRISThank you BRIS for reducing the darkness for children who find themselves in tough circumstances; it means a lot!!

Merry Christmas!

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