Summer playlist and music recommendation from the Zoomers

Summer playlist and music recommendation from the Zoomers

We have put together some nice tunes and hope this playlist and music recommendation list will help to get you in the bright and happy Summer mood. 

Click on the link below to listen to our summer playlist:

Summer tunes 2020

You can see a list of all the songs included in the playlist below:

Zooma summer tunes 2020

Music recommendation

The Baboon Show is a Swedish punk band that started as a pure live band in 2003. Connect with their Facebook page and listen to some live sessions.

Do you like jazz music. Then this is for your; listen to some live jazz music.

Afasi & Filthy was a hip-hop duo from Uppsala consisting of Afasi (Herbert Munkhammar, rapper) and Filthy (Magnus Lidehäll, music producer).

Aldo Nova is a Canadian musician and producer. Nova initially gained fame with his self-titled debut album Aldo Nova in 1982, and his accompanying single, 'Fantasy'.

Daniel Victor Snaith is a Canadian mathematician and composer, musician and artist under the pseudonyms Caribou, Daphni and Manitoba. Here you can listen to Caribou.

We hope you enjoy it.

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