Support Stadsmissionen's Summer Camp in Gothenburg

Support Stadsmissionen's Summer Camp in Gothenburg

The summer is here – a time when children have freedom to explore, to make new friends, to jump into the sea and dry off in the sunshine! Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. In Gothenburg, many children grow up in families marked by poverty, abuse or mental illness. For these children, the summer holiday is a tough time, away from the safety and comfort of school.

All Zoomers are inviting you and your company to support the summer camp by Göteborgs Stadsmission, where children and parents get a much-needed break from an otherwise insecure daily life. Your gift gives children in Gothenburg a safer summer and lovely memories to bring back to school.

That's why Zooma decided to contribute with a summer gift to Göteborgs Stadsmission, enough for 15 days of summer camp for children. 

Göteborgs Stadsmission

If you also want to put a smile on a child's face this summer, your company can sign up with Göteborgs Stadsmission here.

All Zoomers wish you happy summer holidays!

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