Thanks for the HubSpot Impact Award!

Thanks for the HubSpot Impact Award!

Each year HubSpot awards certified agencies around the world that have delivered something extraordinary to their clients during the year.

The award is named HubSpot Impact Award and is divided into 5 categories:

  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Sales Enablement
  • Integration innovation
  • Inbound Growth Story.

The award 2017 is run in 2 rounds and the winners from each round are automatically entered as finalists for the final round. 

We decided to enter in the category ‘Website design’ for the project we did together with our friends at iStone. HubSpot describes the category: ‘The Website Design Award honors an agency who has taken their client’s website to the next level.’


We won!

We are now happy to announce that we are the winner of round 1 of the HubSpot Impact award and now our fingers are crossed that we will win the Annual Impact Awards Grand Prize which is awarded once a year at INBOUND.

What did we win?

In addition to the honour and direct qualification to the finale—we will also be included in a ‘best of’ compilation ebook and listed together with the other winners on HubSpot’s showcase page.


A special thanks go out to our friends at iStone who put a lot of trust in Zooma and allowed us to really push the envelope on what is possible to create in the HubSpot platform.

Charlotte Björsjö
Charlotte is a Project manager since 2014. She gets excited about Kanban and loves Trello. Good books and series make her happy. She needs to eat cheese every week and (try) to fold her clothes like Mari Kondo.
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