The return of the Cecilia

The return of the Cecilia

Yet another former colleague, Cecilia Langenius, returns to Zooma.

Originally from the brand experience industry, Cecilia is a senior Project Manager, who for the last years has been coordinating online projects, mainly in the automotive industry. As keen skier she wants speed in life—and at work—so it’s a no-brainer for her to re-join Zooma.


– OK, Cecilia, why Zooma?

– Well, I really like the way Zooma helps defining and following up relevant business objectives for client projects! It’s quite rewarding to show tangible results and actually track the progress of activities and campaigns.

– What do you bring to the table?

– I have a lot of experience from both the agency side and the client side. Most people remain on either side throughout their careers, but I believe it’s a big advantage for a project manager to understand both worlds—you get a different understanding of all the aspects. By this, we can work as an integration team and add more value.

– So, is your challenge to be a moderating interpreter?

– Haha, not really! I will focus on managing projects for efficient goal accomplishment. But I think I can add an extra dimension to some of the projects: my experience and knowledge from the brand experience industry.

Cecilia will work as a Project Manager, notably for Zooma’s larger customers with global operations.

Welcome back, Cecilia!

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