Two new zoomers

Two new zoomers

Two new zoomers started November 30. We welcome Per-Henrik Persson and Fabian Zetterberg.

Per-Henrik is Zooma's new Creative Lead and Fabian is Inbound Specialist.

Per-Henrik and Fabian.

Per-Henrik Persson 

Zooma's new Creative Lead. Brings a solid record of creating and generating strategies and content from a conceptual perspective, with focus on building brands and speaking to people. Spent the last 9 years within brand development, e-commerce and the fashion industry.  

He chose Zooma because of our holistic approach in how brands could and should communicate to generate trust and sales over time, and our mix of talents and capabilities within Strategy, Business Intelligence, Analyse, Creative content development and 3D/CGI-production.

Per-Henrik will be responsible for the creation and execution of concepts in alignment with decided strategies, and thus deliver effective solutions for you as a friend whilst taking your creativity to a new level.

Fabian Zetterberg

Our new Inbound Specialist. Experienced in B2B E-commerce, focusing on the buyer’s journey and tangible objectives, Fabian will provide immediate value to our relations and friends. With his proven strategic understanding and vision, he will be able to build and implement sophisticated strategies that simplify defined needs.

The main factor for Fabian’s decision to join Zooma, is our approach to online marketing and communication from a human-to-human perspective. Breaking down and mapping out the customer journey, with a kind of bird-perspective.

Anders Björklund
Founder, CEO & Strategist since 2001. Anders provides thoughts and reflections about what and how to think about onlinification and digitalisation in B2B. Asks a lot of questions, and knows what to do with the answers.
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