Tips for returning to work after vacation

Tips for returning to work after vacation

When vacation comes to an end, perhaps some questions will arise: How full is the mailbox? What have I missed? Going back to work after a relaxing vacation can be exhausting. Here are some tips to make things easier and make your return to work less stressful.

Tips for returning to work after vacation

Get back from vacation in good time

If you return from your vacation on Sunday evening, you might find yourself exhausted and stressed at work on Monday morning. Give yourself a few days to catch up and acclimate.

Plan a buffer

If possible, limit your meetings during your first days back, you need time to prepare and get ready. You can't expect to be up to speed right away.

Do urgent tasks beforehand

Even before you go on vacation, you should not only complete the important tasks but also look into the future: You should consider tasks and actions that are close to the deadline after your vacation and prepare accordingly delegate tasks or complete them. If you haven't this time, follow the next suggestion.

Follow a list and prioritise your tasks

Think about which tasks and actions you really need to be done urgently and which ones can still wait. This will help you to remember everything and save you from unnecessary stress. And try to prioritise your tasks.

Bring a piece of vacation

Eat dishes from your vacation for lunch or take a walk in a park during lunch. You can also plan some activities after work, e.g. plan a barbeque with friends, or just stroll and enjoy the surroundings. This sharpens the eye for the beautiful things in the area and makes it easier to return to your desk.

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Plan your next vacation

A proven way to keep a good mood out of your vacation is to plan your next vacation. 

A quick change of scene is often enough to collect other thoughts - whether you go to the sea or take a city tour is a matter of taste. Take a long weekend off for a short trip.

Listen to music

It can help you fight the fatigue you'll feel on your first day back to work. It can result in improved moods and productivity. Listen to music helps you concentrate enough to be able to do your work.

A positive attitude

A positive attitude helps to master challenges. This also applies to the work that lies ahead of you after your vacation.

Posture is also important: an upright gait and upturned corners of the mouth help create positive energy when starting a job. Avoid the negative and only focus on the positive.

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