Tips for summer activities from the Zoomers

Tips for summer activities from the Zoomers

All Zoomers present weekly tips on what to watch, read, visit and listen to during this summer. This week I have collected suggestions for fun summer activities and visiting places. We hope you like it.

Try disc golf 

Disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is very similar to traditional ball golf. However, players throw a disc into a basket or at a target instead of golf balls and clubs. It's easy to get started with but, at the same time, challenging to master. The equipment is not as expensive as many other sports. We played it at last month's team event in Heden, Gothenburg. It is a challenging sport that is fun; that is why Marko recommended adding it to this list. You should give it a try if you haven't played it.

Play Spikeball

Tobias recommends spikeball. It reminds me a bit of volleyball. The game is played with two teams of two players each. The centre of the game is a small trampoline around which the playing field is located. The ball is thrown or instead hit onto this net. The goal is to bounce the ball off the trampoline so far that the opposing team can't get it back, and it lands on the ground. There is no actual playing field like in volleyball. Instead, you can use the space around the net 360 degrees by both teams. The game can therefore be fast-paced - stamina, endurance and agility are trained.

Visit Legoland in Denmark

Stellan will visit with his family Legoland this summer and recommend doing the same. Legoland is a theme park that focuses on the Lego toy system. Legoland in Denmark was for a long time the only theme park, but there are now several locations worldwide. Legoland is filled with exciting sculptures everywhere you turn, right from the entrance. These sculptures are all built with little Lego blocks, and they often make sounds as well. Like the best amusement parks, there is something for everyone.

Visit Hönö Klåva

Hönö Klåvai s one of Ingrid's favourite places in Gothenburg during summer. It is close to Göteborg; ferry from Stenpiren or by car from Göteborg. Hönö Klåva's fishing history goes back a long way, and fishing is still a large part of the harbour today. Nowadays, many of the premises used for fishing have been converted into cosy shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels that are open all year round. Experience the archipelago feeling among fishing boats and boathouse, and Ingrid also recommends taking a sea bath. 


Anders recommended trying archery. Archery involves shooting arrows at a target with a bow. It is a very diverse and varied sport. There are many types of bows, different styles and disciplines of archery. It is about learning and executing the right movements, the necessary concentration, focus on the target, and sufficient strength. Nowadays, however, archery is, above all, for many archers, a balancing sport for the often hectic and stressful everyday working life. Archery allows you to switch off and concentrate on just one thing - hitting the target!


Paddleboarding is a water sport in which the participants are propelled by a swimming motion using their arms while kneeling or lying on a paddleboard or surfboard. It's a great outdoor family activity recommended by Anders.

Go for a swim in a lake or the ocean

Our water lovers Jesper, Martin and Alexander recommended going for a swim, and Alexander even suggested doing so at least once a day. In Sweden, there + 100 000 lakes that you can jump in and swim. You don't have to go very far to find water when you live in Gothenburg. Here you'll find some of the cliffs and beaches in Gothenburg where you can go for a swim.

An adventurous walk to Nimis

Qarin recommends taking an adventurous walk to Nimis. Well hidden on the north side of Kulla Mountain near Arild, about 12 kilometres north of Höganäs. Nimis is a labyrinth of various towers built mainly of driftwood at the foot of the cliff. By now, the constructions have reached a total weight of 75 tonnes. Nimis has become a tourist attraction and can only be reached on foot via a small, marked path from the Himmelstorp home farm. The trail leads through relatively steep and rough terrain, so sturdy shoes and a good fitness level are required.

Play laser tag

Zieyaad suggested playing laser tag. The game is often played in a laser tag hall. So if it gets too warm on a summer's day, go to an air-conditioned laser tag hall. The design of this playing area differs significantly from one laser tag provider to the next. What they all have in common is that the laser tag arena is designed abstractly and has no relation to real existing locations. Each player receives a laser tag waistcoat for participating in the laser tag game. It is easily put on like a "jacket". But you can also play laser tag outside - in a park, forest, or garden. Some facilitators come to you, bring the equipment, stay the whole time and lead different games. Their laser tag uses modern wireless and electricity-free technology that allows all the equipment to be moved to any location and used there at any event.

Square breathing

Annika's tip is to breathe and be. Watch this breathing exercise video that Charlotte showed at one of our Digital Friday Fika a while back. Square breathing is breathwork that can shift your energy, connecting you more deeply with your body, calming your system and relieving stress in your body.

If you need more summer activity tips, you can find more fun activities in our previous article on summer activities.

We wish you a relaxing and beautiful summer holiday!

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