Welcome Carl!

Welcome Carl!

In October 2018 Carl Wåhlander started as an Art Director at Zooma. So, I decided to interview him about how he became a Zoomer.

Carl is an international Art Director who use visuals to bring concepts to life as online presence, apps and video.

Zooma Carl Wåhlander

What have you done before starting at Zooma?

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media/Multimedia in Trollhättan. After that, I worked as a freelancer for about 5 years and travelled around the world for a while. After my years abroad, I decided to study Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island in Stockholm. I chose Hyper Island because I wanted to sort of “refresh” my skills and get some kind of different experience.

Why Zooma?

Working as a freelancer was fulfilling for me but on the other hand at some point, I asked myself “How can I evolve after all these years?”. I had longed for a “regular” life with a full-time job. So, I changed to the other side of the centrum and got out of my comfort zone.

When I went to Zooma and understood the way of working with the inbound methodology, I was thrilled.

It was a new challenge for me that I could not wait to accept. I immediately identified with the philosophy “Challenge, Maximise and Deliver”.

What does your typical workday look like? 

Every day is different, and that’s what I love most about my job. I spend some days holed up in a room with other creatives conceptualising. There are the days when I’m creating videos and animations or spend time on creating an app. And sometimes sitting in front of my screen creating UX Design for different clients and ensuring the concept is realised. It is a positive roller-coaster of a process. I enjoy taking part in the entire process–from concept to design to the final stage.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my free time, I'm producing electronic and death metal music, creating music videos and playing instruments. Here are some of my music projects:

From all of us here at Zooma–Welcome Carl!

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